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A Podcast By Nerds For Nerds

The “Who Would Win” Show is hosted by James Gavsie and Ray Stakenas. Podcasts air every Wednesday around 2 PM CST, anywhere you can listen to podcasts.

Our Vision


  • To provide top-quality entertainment in the form of a well-debated match between characters from the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, and comics
  • To celebrate all those within the geek community who have invested their time, money, and passion into following and championing their favorite fictional characters.
  • To continue to develop a large online community that welcomes all those within the geek world.
  • To promote artists, writers, performers, and all those who contribute to the various popular artforms of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books.
  • To develop the style of the Who Would Win debate into a format that can be used in local comic book stores, conventions, people’s homes, and anywhere people want to match up fictional characters and find out Who Would Win!

Our Story


  • The Who Would Win show started as a television show concept.
  • James Gavsie ‘pitched’ the idea as a show that reflected what EVERY person throughout the world was already doing, namely debating Who Would Win in a fight between their favorite characters from the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books.
  • The television producers liked the idea but wanted to see a proof of concept that would provide concrete evidence that James’ idea would work.
  • So, doing what thousands of others had done James turned to the world of podcasting and created the Who Would Win Show as a representation of what his television concept would be. No one was more surprised than James when his proof of concept exploded in popularity.
  • Currently recording the show in Los Angeles with Co-Host Ray Stakenas the Who Would Win show has grown into a full-blown online community.

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Meet The Hosts

James Gavsie

James Gavsie


A life long connoisseur of all things geek, nerdy, and sci-fi James continues to enjoy discussing hypothetical matchups between characters from two completely different genres. Realizing that there was a lot of merit to the idea James pitched Who Would Win to producers and was told to create a viable ‘proof of concept’ and thus the #WhoWouldWin podcast was born. Less than a year later, the #WhoWouldWin podcast has taken off in popularity and is consistently ranked high on iTunes while being enjoyed by thousands of people around the world.

While not podcasting James is often found instructing MMA classes at Max Impact Martial Arts, his training facility in Los Angeles, or producing content for digital and linear platforms, as well as being a spokesperson for both anti-bullying and women’s self-defense.

Ray Stakenas

Ray Stakenas


A lifelong gamer, debater, and connoisseur of all things nerd culture, Ray was born to publicly argue about which fictional character would defeat another.

After finishing college in the Midwest, Ray went to pro wrestling school to pursue his dreams of the entertainment industry.

In his spare time, Ray is an avid gamer, poker player, and enjoys poetry slams.

As the co-host, Ray brings his pro wrestling experience and unconventional debating style to ensure that every Who Would Win match is a highly entertaining battle.


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