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What is The Who Would Win Show?

“Who Would Win” is a podcast that debates battles between fictional characters from the worlds of Comic Books, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. New episodes air each Wednesday @ 2 p.m PST and you can find them wherever it is that you listen to podcasts.

What makes who would win different?
We could say our strict adherence to the official rules and structure of a Who Would Win show makes it different. We could say our unconventional and surprising matchups between characters makes the show different. However, the real factors that separate Who Would Win from other shows are the personalities of hosts James Gavsie and Ray Stakenas. Both bring distinct backgrounds, perspectives, and their own individual hybrid brand of comedy and Geek knowledge that creates the real magic of the Who Would Win show.
Are any characters off limits?

No characters are off limits as long as they lend themselves to a fun and entertaining matchup and can be presented in a way that the whole family can enjoy. Even somewhat risqué characters such as Deadpool or Jason Voorhies from Friday the 13th films can be used.

What are the rules of a Who Would Win match?

For a complete list of rules please visit the Who Would Win official rules page. 

Is the show family friendly?

The Who Would Win Show takes pride in being a show that each member of your family can enjoy. 

How do I suggest match ups and battles for The Who Would Win Show?

If you have a match up you would like to suggest, please join our Facebook Group. There you can post your ideas and chat with other community members about who YOU think would win.

How is a winner decided in The Who Would Win debate?

Each episode of Who Would Win will have a special judge brought in who will decide the winner of the battle based off of the arguments for each character made by James Gavsie and Ray Stakenas. The judges themselves are notable personalities within the world of entertainment ranging from actors, writers, animators, and influencers, and celebrities.


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