What is debate without a set of rules?

Official Rules

Below are the official rules that govern each Who Would Win matchup. These rules have been establshed to promote an even playing field and to give the audience a guidline to have your own debates at home. If you would like a copy of the rules sent to you via email, click the button below and one will be sent your way.

Rule #1

Each debater will be able to make 3 points. 

Rule #2

The Who Would Win match is a random encounter in a neutral location with neither combatant necessarily knowing anything about their opponent or having any time to prepare for it.

Rule #3

The exact version of the character has to be specifically stated. For example, if you are using Superman you must specify if it’s Superman from the films, animation, or comic books. Again, the debater MUST stay within that version of the character.

Rule #4

Each debater must use examples of powers, abilities, or weapons that are a part of the specific character’s continuity or at least was with that character for a good deal of time. One off examples of powers or abilities that were used ONLY once in the character’s history will not be allowed.

Rule #5

The judge can disallow or veto a point made by one of the debaters if they feel it goes outside of the scope of the battle or is irrelevant to the fight.

Rule #6

The winner of the Who Would Win debate is whomever the judge decides has the best ability to incapacitate their opponent to the degree where they can safely walk away with no further threat being present. This includes completely destroying their opponent, removing them from the field of battle, restraining them, or knocking them out. The Who Would Win battles are not necessarily death matches.


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