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Welcome to our community. “Who Would Win” is a podcast that debates battles between fictional characters from the worlds of Comic Books, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy.

Two nerds enter, one nerd leaves.


The “Who Would Win” Show is a podcast debating the finer points of life, love, and who would beat the crap out of each other if they were in a fight. Get ready to put on your thinking caps and use your imagination as hosts James Gavsie and Ray Stakenas avoid actually fighting with each other, while debating the strengths and abilities of their chosen weekly champions.

Each week there is a different set of combatants and new guest judge, usually coming from somewhere in the comic book community. The debate format is structured according to a set of official rules that you can find here.

James Gavsie

James Gavsie


Ray Stakenas

Ray Stakenas


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Battle Angel Alita vs Bravestarr


And on the next episode of Who Would Win...

A Cyberpunk Cyborg takes on an Empowered Lawman in a battle for the future!

Will Marshall Bravestarr (Repped by James) use the powers of nature's animals to achieve a victory or will the robotic Hunter Warrior Alita (Repped by Ray) be too much for a human to overcome? Will Guest Judge Daniel L Emmons view battle precident with respect or derision?

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Episode 136 | 56 min

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