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#WhoWouldWin: Chewbacca vs Green Arrow!

The mighty Chewbacca swings through the worshyr trees of planet Kashyyk. Ready to return home to celebrate Life Day with his wife malaa and his son Lumpy Meanwhile, the eagle eyes of a bowhunter have the wookiee in their sights. Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, has traveled to the forests of Kashyyk to test his skills. Green arrow vs. Chewbacca the Wookiee in another #WhoWouldWin
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#WhoWouldWin: Winter Soldier vs Spock

Mr.Spock enjoys a leisurely day of shoreleave. Nature. Campfires and roasting marsh mellons. But the wise vulcan has no idea that he’s been targeted, by Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Kept in stasis and unfrozen for just such an occasion, the silent assassin will take on the Enterprise’s most brilliant mind in another….#WhoWouldWin
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