#WhoWouldWin: Special Edition Kylo Ren vs Deadpool

Jay and James are on their live show tour. This week we present a #WhoWouldWin SPECIAL EDITION: Kylo Ren vs. Deadpool. Jay, James, and Crystal revisit the show that changed all the rules and turned the podcast from a hobby into a show. Crystal analyzes the arguments from before she was ever a mod. Jay and James re-examine how they could’ve argued differently for Kylo and Deadpool respectively. All the behind the scenes stories come out for the first time in this special edition. Continue reading #WhoWouldWin: Special Edition Kylo Ren vs Deadpool

#WhoWouldWin: Chewbacca vs Green Arrow!

The mighty Chewbacca swings through the worshyr trees of planet Kashyyk. Ready to return home to celebrate Life Day with his wife malaa and his son Lumpy Meanwhile, the eagle eyes of a bowhunter have the wookiee in their sights. Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, has traveled to the forests of Kashyyk to test his skills. Green arrow vs. Chewbacca the Wookiee in another #WhoWouldWin Continue reading #WhoWouldWin: Chewbacca vs Green Arrow!