#WhoWouldWin Listeners are the BEST Listeners!


We at #WhoWouldWin want to give a big SHOUT OUT to Ben King. Ben is an artist and listener. Ben put his pen and paper to work after listening to our twisted minds on the last few shows.


Let’s see what he came up with:











Daredevil’s Kryptonite: The Man without Fear has many talents. But resistance to lead pipes is NOT one of them. Ben drew Daredevil after being taken out by a lead pipe, based on James Gavsie’s point from the Midnighter vs. Daredevil show. A point that still has Jay banging his head against the wall.










Scream Fight: Ben drew this sketch of Hawkman (aka Wingverine) screaming at Norman Osborn. Altoids, anyone? Based on the show Hawkman vs. Green Goblin.



Lepersquatch: Few (or none) have seen the mythical Lepersquatch. But Ben brilliantly imagined the creature in this haunting sketch. After hearing the name, Ben’s wife thought the Lepersquatch was a Sasquatch with leprosy. This idea was so well-received that it’s now part of the #WhoWouldWin canon.


Thank you Ben King for sharing your passions with us and being a great listener. Keep it up!



If YOU have any #WhoWouldWin artwork to share, tweet us at @WhoWouldWinShow or on Facebook at WhoWouldWin

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