Jay Sandlin’s #WhatHappensNext: TOP 5 (08-07-18)

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It’s Jay Sandlin’s




“You enter a MIRROR world where all your favorite heroes are EVIL. Almost immediately, you’re attacked by Darth Luke Skywalker, Spock with a Beard, and carnivorous Care Bears. You search for unlikely allies and summon….#WhatHappensNext”


Thank you to everyone who participated in 07/31’s #WhatHappensNext on twitter


Below are the TOP 5 responses to this week’s story prompt. Remember, if you weren’t selected this week, there will be a new #WhatHappensNext every week on Jay Sandlin’s twitter (@JSandlinWriter)



Congratulations to this week’s winners, in no particular order:



  1. Sean Brett– @BaconKnight:

    “I bring an army of the most powerful “heroes” ever known.”

  2. Paul Tracy — @PaulTracy85

    “How can Great Jedi Skywalker fair against the mirror land altruistic but insanely powerful Mr Mxyzptlk?”

  3. Luke Skywalker — @MentorSkywalker

    “For me to take on a Dark Version of myself? Emerge through the fog, I would at first believe it was a vision. Like the cave on Dagobah. I defeated Vader, I would not fear my darker self.

  4. Kev Kermath — @Kezijin

    “Realizing the danger I’m in, in such an unbalanced world, my boi Thanos ports in and instantly deals with the Fallen Jedi. Turning him into a bottle of that space milk he once loved so much.”

  5. Bishopman — @Bishopman69

    “I get Jedi Master Maul to take care of Darth Skywalker. Mirror Spock to take out Evil Spock and my greatest recruits are Gargamel & his cat Azrael, who were tired of chasing Smurfs, so i told them they could have all the Care Bears they wanted.



Congratulations again!


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