Jay Sandlin’s #WhatHappensNext Winners (07/31)

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It’s Jay Sandlin’s


“You’re abducted by aliens and flown to a Galactic Tribunal. You’ve been appointed to defend the Predator, who’s being sued by Kraven the Hunter for infringing on his hunting grounds in the 1980’s. They ask for your opening argument and…#WHN”


Thank you to everyone who participated in 07/31’s #WhatHappensNext on twitter.



Below are the TOP 5 responses to this week’s story prompt. Remember, if you weren’t selected this week, there will be a new #WhatHappensNext every week on Jay Sandlin’s twitter (@JSandlinWriter)



Congratulations to this week’s winners, in no particular order:


  1. @GeekVibesNation:


” I counter sue saying that Kraven looks like he stole Tom Seleck’s look and since Tom is a real person I think we have a solid chance of winning.”



2. @pBenKing


“Members of the tribunal, I respectfully request an immediate dismissal of this trial. The Predator was a guest on earth for recreational purposes when this infringement occurred.

This means he would have been protected under diplomatic immunity and he cannot thus be tried.”



3. @GreggKatzman


“Your honor, Kraven claims to be Earth’s greatest hunter, yet he’s scared of a little competition?” Kraven immediately drops the charges, and so begins @JMDeMatteis & @MikeZeck’s “Kraven’s Galactic Hunt”.”


4. @MrJafri


“In pops Boba Fett, who captures Predator and makes a mint delivering him to Nick Fury.”


5. @PatrickMazza926

“In the #SnyderCut the Predator is found guilty. He is sentenced to the custody of the Grandmaster to entertain him by participating in gladiator battles.”



Congratulations again!


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