Jay Sandlin’s #WhatHappensNext: TOP 5 (08-14-2018)

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It’s Jay Sandlin’s




“Nick Fury calls you for a covert mission. You must assemble a strike team of 4 heroes, infiltrate Latveria, & steal the mystery McGuffin powering Dr. Doom’s time machine. If you don’t, he will rewrite history itself. Gather the team and #WhatHappensNext ?”

Thank you to everyone who participated in 08/14’s #WhatHappensNext on twitter


Below are the TOP 5 responses to this week’s story prompt. Remember, if you weren’t selected this week, there will be a new #WhatHappensNext every week on Jay Sandlin’s twitter (@JSandlinWriter)


Congratulations to this week’s winners, in no particular order:


  1. Evan Altman- @DEvanAltman



“I’m bringing Dr. Strange, Dwight Gooden (Dr. K), Dr. Emmett Brown, and Dr. Pepper. Strange uses his sling ring to get us in, Doc Brown disables the flux capcitor, and I sip the delicious soda. Doc Gooden is just there because I needed an all-doctor team.”


2. Kevin Israel – @KevinIsrael_NJ


“Do I have to go with them? Cause that really changes the priority of things. It goes from “get that McGuffin!” to “Don’t leave me, I’m gonna die!!!”


3.  Mando the Mad– @MadCityRavyn

“Roadblock and Scarlett and Duke will be landing together to cause a distraction at a sensative point at Doom’s Palace, Snake Eyes. The master of stealth will be landing somewhere further away and will stick to the shadows and infiltrate.”



4. Robert MacDougall – @MacDoug1

“Excuse me Director, but the people I’ve chosen can’t be found anywh….the fuck?”


5.  AJ’s University of Nerds and Geeks! — @AjGeeks7

“My team consists of Magic League!”


Congratulations again!


For more #WhatHappensNext, follow Jay on twitter (@JSandlinWriter) and participate in the crazy story prompts pinned to the Shortlandia Chancellor’s page!

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