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#WhoWouldWin: Raphael vs Red Robin

Tim Drake works a case, searching Gotham for a green mutant with attitude. Raphael, looking for trouble in a new town, decides to sample a taste of Gotham’s finest pizzeria. Now, Red Robin, Tim Drake takes on the Ninja Turtle’s number one Hot head, Raphael, in another…..#WhoWouldWin
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Jay Sandlin’s #WhatHappensNext: TOP 5 (08-14-2018)

"Nick Fury calls you for a covert mission. You must assemble a strike team of 4 heroes, infiltrate Latveria, & steal the mystery McGuffin powering Dr. Doom's time machine. If you don't, he will rewrite history itself. Gather the team and #WhatHappensNext ?" Thank you to everyone who participated in 08/14's #WhatHappensNext on twitter. Below are the TOP 5 responses to this week's story prompt.
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Jay Sandlin’s #WhatHappensNext: TOP 5 (08-07-18)

It's Jay Sandlin's #WhatHappensNext:  "You enter a MIRROR world where all your favorite heroes are EVIL. Almost immediately, you're attacked by Darth Luke Skywalker, Spock with a Beard, and carnivorous Care Bears. You search for unlikely allies and summon....#WhatHappensNext" Thank you to everyone who participated in 07/31's #WhatHappensNext on twitter
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